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4 free things you can do to freshen up your website

By Webtrade, Friday, 16th August 2013 | 0 comments
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4 tips to freshen up your website

Following on from our free monthly training session in July, we thought we’d follow it up by giving everyone a few bits of free advice to help you freshen up your web design


1. Update your images Search the Web for Images

How long have you had the same images on your website?  You know the ones, the headshots or group photos? Do your customers see the same things every time the come to your website? What about the people who visit from time to time? A nice image can do a lot for a page. Add something that doesn’t date quickly or just change them from time to time?

2. Freshen up your banners Update your images

Have you had the same banners on your site for the past year or two? Is the message mundane and dated? If so I time it’s to think about getting some new banners designed, either by your web design company, graphic designer or, as we showed you last month in our training session; do it yourself.  We’re not saying to change them every week, but every now and then will inject freshness onto your website.

3. Content reviewContent

This is something that I’m sure most people forget about, “sure it tells the people what we do”. Content is still King. Nowadays it’s not good enough to say what you do, you need to say what you do in as few words as possible, yet hitting on the right keywords while you do so. Sound’s complicated? Well it’s not overly and we’ll be discussing this in one of our upcoming training sessions; how to write content. 
Everyone should have a look at their Google Analytics and see what pages are working, where they are ranking and what is the content like on each page. With a few minor changes to your content you could see a marked improvement on your Google ranking. 

4. Examine and alter your SEOSEO

This might sound hard, but it’s really not. There are so many searches on Google every day; so it is important to keep an eye on trends, the performances of specific industry keywords, your competitor’s websites and social media. Once you know what people are looking for you can change and alter your SEO to reflex the searches. Research is the key to getting found on Google. 

The final tip: start fresh with a simple redesign

All of these tips are pretty much free to do and could really help you improve your website and in turn your Google ranking. When your site is actually too tired and old for easy fixes is to give it the professional touch with a website redesign. A fresh start can be the right choice and will surely reinvent how people think about it and how you present your business online
We can talk you through your site and give you some free advice on what to do; be it a redesign or something simple. For more information or if you’d like to discuss your website please contact us on 01 2990655 or via email at sales@webtrade.ie