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3 Key Elements to Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By Brian Bennett, Friday, 25th January 2013 | 0 comments
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3 Key Elements to Your SEO

Why is SEO so important and how does it help you get found in Google? I'm going to outline 3 key parts to your SEO that take a little time but are well worth it. 

1. Content

Just like a good book, your website must have good content. There is no point talking about widgets if your business is about something else entirely! Make sure that the content on every page reflects what you do as a business. Everything you should write should be tailored to giving the person who is searching your website the relevant information that they are looking for. Google will look for relevant information and how it is communicated to the searcher. Content will always be King. 

2. Research your Content

Just because you think you know what people are looking for does not mean that they are actually looking for it. Spend some time looking at different phrases and words that people use and search for before trying to build your content. A great example is a Montessori School who created all this fantastic content about their school; although everything mentioned Montessori. An issue appeared straight away; the website was not getting found or many hits. Why? Because it turned out that people don't know how to spell the word Montessori (I even had to Google it). So she went back to the drawing board and researched some terms and found that the ones people were looking for were "Child Care" and "Crèche". She re-optimized her content and now her website it performing much better. 

3. Optimized your SEO for the content on the page, not the other way round

When you are done with the content and you want to optimized the Navigation bar, search bar, search engine title etc. make sure you tailor it to the content on your page. If you're telling Google that this page is about X and they go in and read the page and it's about Y, then as you can guess this is a bad thing. Bad SEO will also give the person searching for the page a bad opinion of what your business is about when they land on it. You can chose up to 20 key words for any page, the 1st two being the most important and importance descending down to 20. Always remember this when you are doing your research and writing your content and setting up your SEO. Your content is the most important thing, as we've already outlined, but when you optimize your pages you are pointing a big arrow at that content; the effort goes into getting it right. 

At the end of the day your website needs to be tied together with good content, great design and you need to do some research along the way. We've been designing websites since 1999; if you'd like to have to chat to us about your website please feel free to get in touch and you can benefit from our experience. 

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