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5 Social Media Marketing Tips

By Brian Bennett, Tuesday, 18th June 2013 | 0 comments
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Social Media Tips

1. Feature your Tweets (or Facebook) on your website

This is a great way of letting your visitors know that you are active on Social Networks. Just make sure that what you are saying is in line with all other company messaging. Think about where you would like this displayed on your site if you are thinking of getting a new website design; remember your website must look good too.

2. Send traffic back

Make sure that when you have a website that you send traffic back to it from your social media channels. There is no point in having a website if you don't want people to visit it. Also think about how to keep them on your website once they arrive onto it; give them some links to other web pages to keep them interested. 

3. Track your activity

How do you know what traffic you are sending back to your website without tracking it. Google Analytics will tell you where the traffic came from, but if you use Google's URL builder you'll be able to see exactly what Tweet, FB post, LinkedIn Post or other activity they came through. There are other tracking tools out there too. 

4. Think about your SEO

Think about your keywords when Tweeting etc; especially if you are displaying them on the homepage of your website. The words you use will act as keywords on the page. 

5. Think about your URL

When you're trying to attract traffic back to your website or you want people to click on your link - make it short and easy to understand. There are a number tools out there to give you nice short vanity URL's. On our website you get them automatically (until you start tracking them as above), but we also use Google's shortener and Bitly to create our own URL's.

There are 1000's if tips that can be given for social media marketing, we just picked 5. If you're interested in chatting to us about your website and integrating your social media into it; give me a call on 01 2990655 (Brian).