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5 ways to improve your social media presence.

By webtrade, Friday, 27th October 2017 | 0 comments

5 ways to improve your social media presence.


According to the Global Digital Snapshot for 2017, where the headline numbers are:

  • 3.77 billion global internet users in 2017, equalling 50% penetration;
  • 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, equalling 37% penetration;
  • 4.92 billion global mobile users in 2017, equalling 66% penetration;


With 37% of the world’s population now using social media and an annual growth of 21% it’s more important than ever for your business to be visible online.

But it’s about more than just being on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, it’s about making these accounts work for you and help you grow your brand and company.


  1. Use every bit of your social media profiles.

Every social media profile is different and has its own unique setup criteria, ideally every section must be completed to market your business properly, add the appropriate links and use your cover images strategically to attract as many likes and followers as possible.


  1. Understand your audience

Typically, not all of your current or potential customers will use all of the social media platforms listed above, so you need to concentrate efforts where you are likely to see a better return on your investment. To achieve this, you first have to find out where your customers are on, what they like and what they respond most to.

What your business or company does should also have an impact on the social media channels you choose.


  1. Grow your base

Your social media accounts are a smart way to speak to your customers and clients, engage in conversation, share your news and products and stimulate discussion.

If you can successfully grow your base and remember is to post regularly, it can mean that they will promote your products and services for you just like old school of word of mouth.


  1. Showcase your work

Keep your base updated on what you’re working on, highlighting positive feedback and give people an insight to behind the scenes of your brand/business. People buy from people, so give your base a reason for them to relate to your business.


  1. Engage and interact

What and when you post are both essential to online success with the ideal balance of engagement, entertainment and promotion.


A popular formula to follow is the 80/20 rule, which states that 20% of your content should be about your brand/company and always include a strong call to action, the rest should be shareable content, the more the better.


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