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6 Frequent Customer Questions and Answers about our Web Design

By Brian Bennett, Monday, 20th May 2013 | 0 comments
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In today’s blog we have 6 questions and answers that our customers always ask us during the Web Design process.

Q. How long will it take build my new website?

A. It really depends on what type of site you are looking for? Would you like to add responsive features to your website? If no, then we can get your website up and running in around 3 – 4 weeks (average) if you’d like it to be responsive it usually takes about a week longer to allow for testing. But if you need things done quicker we do our best to get things up and running.

Q. How much does a website cost?

A. We really try and cater for all budgets. We have a wide range of clients and therefore our cost will change for each client. We cater for a lot of professional services (e.g. solicitors, accountants, engineers) as well as sports clubs and larger organisations (e.g. National Maternity Hospital, Supermacs and the Dentists association). Speak to our sales team and see if they can help you.

Q. I’m looking to create a shopping cart (eCommerce) website, can you help me?

A. Yes of course. We have a number of eCommerce websites already; Toyshops, Book Stores and even a beauty product website. Our standard shopping cart covers the majority of what people look for; from time to time we will build custom features, depending on the requirements of the business. .

Q. Is your CMS (Content Management System) Open Source?

A. No it is a closed source CMS; but 90% of our new clients moved from an Open Source products as they love how simple and easy our CMS is to use. The extra 10% came from closed source or were brand new websites. We update our CMS around 150 times a year to make sure you are always on the most up to date version.

Q. Is it hard to update my website?

A. Simple answer is No, it’s so easy. At Webtrade we pride ourselves on giving you full control of your website.  Unlike an Open Source CMS you do not need to know any code to update your site. If you can use Microsoft Word you’ll be able to keep your site up to date with a couple of clicks of the mouse. 

Q. How do I get Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on my website?

A. We have an inbuilt SEO tool embedded onto every page of our websites. The SEO tool allows you to optimize everything in a matter of seconds, it’s also really simple to use. At Webtrade with a little extra time we can optimize your site for you before it goes live. 

If you're interested in speaking with us about your website please contact our sales team on 01 2990655 or email the guys at sales@webtrade.ie, ask for Joe or Brian. 

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