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Benefits of LinkedIn to your website

By Brian, Wednesday, 6th November 2013 | 0 comments
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Over one million Irish professionals are on LinkedIn in Ireland and more joining every day, it is becoming more important to have the following;

  1. A personal LinkedIn profile
  2. A company profile.

They both can help you connect with your clients, friends and potential customers. LinkedIn can also be a valuable resource to drive traffic back to your website from both your personal profile and the company profile.

We are going to look at each one separately.

Your Personal Profile

In the first screen shot below you will see my personal profile (ie.linkedin.com/in/bennettbrian). I’ve circled the parts that will help you drive traffic to your website.Personal Profile

  • In the red circle you can see that I link out to 3 different pages on the Webtrade website. I chose pages from Webtrade.ie but you can pick any webpage to link to. 
  • In the blue circle you can see where I can post different links or comments.  This is where I post comments linking back to the Webtrade website and interesting articles I find. 
  • In the Green circle you can see where I interact with my connections online.  This is important as it builds upon your existing relationships. 
  • Finally in the orange circle you link into groups and talk to the members about topics that interest you and them. Examples of my groups are the Irish Internet Association, Irish SME’s, Sales Leads Ireland and the Sales Association, among others. 

Company ProfileCompany Profile

You company profile (ours is www.linkedIn.com/company/webtradelimited) gives you a number of ways to drive traffic back to your website.  I’ve broken it out into two parts to make it even easier to understand.

Main Company Page

On the main company page you can see where we try to drive people to our site by posting updates, circled in red. You get stats and insights on how each post has performed, which is great for highlighting what works best and the best time of the day to post things.

Like with any social network it is good to vary what you post, don't always share a link to your own website.

Recently LinkedIn rolled out the feature that allowed people to comment on and like other peoples updates as a company.


Products/Services PageLinkedIn Services Page

In the final screen shot you can see that I’ve circled a number of parts of the page.

The 1st part is the banner; you can place 3 different Call to Actions here and link them out to any webpage you like.

The 2nd area you can control is your products and services page. These are all linking off to separate sections on the Webtrade website.

You can add as many products or services as your business requires.

We have embedded a video, displayed on the left hand side of the page, which links out to our YouTube channel. Videos can be another great tool for driving traffic your website.


In Summary 

At the end of the day anything you can do to help drive meaningful traffic to your website is advised. Hopefully you can see how simple it is to update your LinkedIn and you can start to use it to send target traffic back to you website. Best of luck. 

If you would like to speak to us about designing your website and incorporating your brand and messaging onto LinkedIn please feel free to give our sales team a call on 01 2990655 or email them on sales@webtrade.ie