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Chrome security update impacts sites with password logins or credit cards

By Joe, Wednesday, 11th January 2017 | 0 comments

Does your website have a login or accept passwords or credit card details? On 31st January Google releases an update to their Chrome browser marking your site as 'Not Secure' is you don't use SSL.

The latest version of Google Chrome Version 56 (releasing gradually from Jan 31st 2017) will tell users if key password or credit card input pages of your website are not secure. Essentially if you're entering a password, and the page is not encrypted over SSL / https:// (i.e. the padlock you see on a secure website) - Google will say the page is [Not secure] in the address bar:

So what needs to be done to resolve this?

Webtrade can register and install an SSL Certificate on the website server (an annual charge).

Webtrade developers will have to make changes to your site. The time required will depend upon a number of factors:

  • Whether you'll be running the entire website over SSL https://www.<your-domain>.
  • Setup of website redirects/rules for correctly Google rank handling for the changed address.
  • Removal of hardcoded links to non SSL pages in your content.
  • Possible presence of other non-SSL content or functionality on your website.
  • Setup of the site admin area to run over https://.
  • Possible changes to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Advert links or any other tools you might be using.

Exact costs and steps would be advised in advance when we discuss the site with you.

Key benefits of running over https://

  • More secure for people entering passwords or credit card details.
  • User data is encrypted in transit.
  • Improved customer trust when people see the secure padlock.
  • Google Chrome warning messages will not be displayed.
  • Having an SSL certificate is a small ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm.
  • In fact, Google has said that https should be everywhere

Contact support@webtrade.ie or 01 2990655 and one of our team will discuss next steps.