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Creating a Good User "UX" Experience.

By webtrade, Thursday, 30th March 2017 | 0 comments
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Creating a Good User "UX" Experience.

User Experience, commonly abbreviated as "UX", in web design and web development. Its purpose is to ensure that your user has an easy and intuitive way to interact with your website and all of its functions. UX encapsulates form interaction, information display, menus, and any other element that you can add to a website.

The goal of having good UX is to give the user a useful flow of interaction that is helpful and absent of any wasted moments or actions during their visit on your website.

The ultimate goal is an experience that is intuitive, valuable, and enjoyable to drive engagement, conversions, and repeat visitors.

Improving usability, accessibility and creating a useful experience for users interacting with your website is what good UX is all about.

It is often difficult for web and graphic designers to put themselves in the users' shoes, but using feedback and testing is an easy way to get around that.


What Impacts User Experience?

Some factors that impact UX include usability, human computer interaction, accessibility, utility and performance, branding, information architecture, and content strategy; essentially how easy, efficient, and enjoyable it is for a user to find information and complete tasks.


There is no definitive way for getting good UX, but there are a few good practices:

  • Get feedback from A/B testing, page analysis tools. These we find are crucial for any high traffic web design project.
  • Keeping your design consistent. Reuse design elements to give a sense of unity.
  • Make tasteful use of animation, if applicable. Smooth movement is ideal as it will reinforce the feeling of completing an action or creating a sense of progress as users navigate, through your website.
  • Make use of load times, keeping them short and making elements load quickly will help retain users and make sure that they do not get bored or impatient.


Overall, our aim as the designers/developers is to make good decisions for our clients website's UX from the very start, this will ensure the rest of the UX process will be much smoother and easier.

Knowing how our clients want to notify users of actions, or how things like navigation are going to be laid out are really important in ensuring that our clients website users have the best possible experience while interacting with the website and its products or brand.


Why does User Experience (UX) Matter?

Because at the root, a website has a purpose. When you are dealing with business marketing sites, that purpose is to create leads, convert sales, and provide informative content.

UX connects the dots between a person and digital product while providing an understanding of how content needs to be managed. Without it, don’t expect to keep anyone’s attention for long.



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