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Do you care about your appearance?

By Brian Bennett, Saturday, 8th June 2013 | 0 comments
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Your website appearance should matter.

Would you leave your house and head off to work in the morning looking a mess? I am going to presume the answer is no. The same approach should be taken towards your company’s web design. Your website needs to represent you online to potential businesses, current clients and the general public that might visit your site.

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Good web design should let people know what your business is about within 5 seconds of landing on your page. Does your website do that? Go to your website, show it to someone who has never seen it before, ask them to look at it and after 5 seconds close the screen on them and ask them what the company or website does. Did they give you the answers that you thought they might?

Are you happy to tell people the address of your website? Would you be happy to show it on a big screen at a conference? Even though you don’t think people will ever bother to look at your website, they will. There are over 1.2m smartphones in Ireland; people check EVERYTHING online as it’s so accessible.

How does your website look on a smartphone or tablet? The answer should be great as I have it responsively designed. If you don’t know what responsive design is just have a look at webtrade.ie on an iPhone or Android and look at it on a pc. It’s the same website but it recognises the devices and shows the information differently; One website on multiple devices. It’s the future.

At the end of the day your website needs to represent you and your business in a way that you are happy with. Don’t let your website give the wrong impression about your business from the get go. Everyone is online in today’s World – don’t let your website let you down.

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