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Google Analytics - 3 Great New Features

By Patrick Bates, Friday, 22nd June 2012 | 0 comments
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Google Analytics have launched 3 great new features to help website owners get more understanding of their website visitors.

1. Analytics Intelligence & Custom Alerts

Creating custom alerts is a great way for you to be informed on a macro level for any unusual variations to your website. Alerts can be set so that you can automatically be alerted on certain events. 

There's a good article here as to how you may use this feature of google analytics for better managing banner campaigns on 3rd party websites

2. Engagement Goals

Google Analytics have added enhanced goal features so that you can measure engagement with your website, to include items like pages per visit in goals, time on website, etc. For more see: 


3. Advanced Table Filters

You can now drill down to get more information by using secondary criteria through pivot tables. You can use this to get keywords by search engine, by city, etc.