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Great Minds get a great new web design

By Joe Conlon, Thursday, 23rd April 2009 | 0 comments
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Great Minds has just launched their new site design which we''ve built to increase sales and act as an informational resource for existing and potential clients.

The site has been developed using Webtrade's content management system that allows for total control of all site structure and content - therefore there's no need to rely on web development specialists all the time.Great Minds Web Design

The Great Minds approach has been specifically designed to deliver performance improvements to both individuals and organisations. They carry out NLP (Neuro-Lingusitic Programming) along with life and business coaching.

The new website includes the following features:

  • Total Control of all content, imagery and navigational structure through our content management system
  • The ability to change and alternate the banner systems on each of the website pages
  • A interactive blog that allows people to respond to the musings of the Great Minds team
  • Information about the various upcoming courses
  • Details on mentoring and coaching
  • Fun lateral thinking puzzles 
  • Social media setup incorporating Twitter & Facebook

Client Testimonial

"Webtrade combined their creative ideas and knowledgeable insights to develop an attractive and effective and website for Great Minds. The designers and marketeers at Webtrade have exceeded my expectations in terms of service, support and reliability."

Sinéad Duffy, Founder, Great Minds