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How To Promote Your New Website

By Michael, Thursday, 20th August 2015 | 0 comments
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You’ve either done it yourself or got an experienced web designer in to make your shinny new website, but how do now promote your website and ensure it becomes the tool that you needed it to be in the beginning?

Search Engine Optimisation

This is exactly what it sounds like; SEO is optimising your website for the search engines. A competent web designer will take all this into considering while the design process is in full swing. Search engines look for specific things, such as content, layout, the user experience amongst others.

Making sure the meta tags in the coding are correct, helping the search engines understand what the website is supposed to do and who to focus it on is really important. These meta tags can be very quickly implemented and can have big impact.

Our Siternity CMS has in-built tools to help you with this, making it easier to help promote your website.

Content, Content, Content

Building on the above, the content on the website is of very big importance. The website is your voice to the internet and it needs to shout as loud as it can to attract the right people.

Having unique product descriptions is one great way of helping with your SEO. If you take for example how most other websites will copy the same product descriptions off the main supplier, by having a different description will help you as you’ll be different to everyone else. Search engines LOVE websites who stand out from the crowd.

Your blog is a great tool, it helps you get your voice across and to seem like the industry expert. By regularly posting, you can help attract the qualified leads or sales so vital to every website.

Paid Search

If you don’t possess the patience to wait for traffic, go out and pay for it! Applications such as Google Adwords lets you bid on the keywords relevant to your website and industry. Campaigns can cost as much or as little as your budget can afford.

Targeting the right audience will help increase the right traffic to your website, meaning an audience who would be more willing to buy or get in touch.


Like or hate it, social media is a force to be reckoned with. Its huge potential is clear when you consider that 46% of purchasers used social media to help make purchase decisions. Engaging on social media in some positive way helps your brand. While this may not be immediately obvious, small changes like this can add up to the greater good.

User Experience

There's been a big push lately to include how the User Experience is important for getting your website found. Google in particular is focusing on the end user, ensuring websites are made and developed for users rather than their robots.

Making sure your website is easy to use, navigate and isn't slow are very important.

We're experts at this. We like to design and develop websites that can convert. Call us for more information