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Improving Your Return from Digital

By Gary, Tuesday, 22nd December 2015 | 0 comments
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We all know that brands need to engage regularly and meaningfully with their customers (& potential customers!). Digital platforms have made engagement easy, but how do companies achieve return on investment and what are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate success?

Almost all businesses are “doing digital”, but how many can honestly say they are achieving real bottom line benefit? Sporadic and unstructured engagement usually doesn’t achieve anything but merely adds to the digital noise that we’re all bombarded with on a daily basis.

As a sub-set of your business strategy, your digital presence (& messaging) needs planning, structure, execution and measurement…oh and also buy-in. Introducing Webtrade's Developing Your Digital Strategy Programme - completely underpinned by real KPIs and results.

So what’s the approach then?

We'd be delighted to talk to you about how Webtrade can help you get tangible business benefit from the execution of a succinct strategic digital roadmap.

Email: strategy@webtrade.ie or call 01 2990655.