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LiveStats Statistics Server Discontinuation / Google Analytics Setup

By Joe Conlon, Thursday, 1st November 2012 | 0 comments
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Webtrade's LiveStats statistics server has recently been decommissioned. It housed a website statistics service which had been provided as default with our websites since 2001. Over the years we have been encouraging all of our client to migrate their websites to using Google Analytics instead. The last few clients still with LiveStats accounts (where in use or not) were notified of the discontinuation plan over the past few months.

Why Are We Shutting Down LiveStats?

LiveStats is a very old statistics software at this stage, with no new updates to it since 2006 when Microsoft took over the software company behind it and decided to cut its support. LiveStats software is now so old that we cannot stand over the accuracy of its figures, for example it could not distinguish between newer search engine crawler visits and real people, so visitor figures could be massively overinflated.

Do You Have Google Analytics Setup?

We strongly recommend you setup a Google Analytics Statistics account on your website if you haven’t already done so - it’s simple to setup and free. It gives excellent marketing information about the visitors who come to your website, what they’re interested in, and how they find you in Google. It's information that's vital in helping you understand the performance of your website, helping you grow website visits and new business enquiries.

It integrates seamlessly with our Siternity content management system and our in-built Search Engine Optimisation Tool. Combined with Siternity, Google Analytics is a core tool in helping you market your business online.

How to Setup Google Analytics on Your Website

Setup of Google Analytics is a simple process where you:

(a) create a user account with Google at www.google.ie/analytics/,
(b) setup an Analytics account, and
(c) add your Google Analytics account details into your website either by contacting Webtrade or by adding the Google code through your Content Management System if you’re a Siternity user.

For our Siternity customers, setup help information is available when logged into the Siternity admin area of your website (http://<your-web-address>/login). Just click on the Search Engine Optimisation Tool and click the button to Setup Google Analytics. Alternatively, click on the ‘Help’ button on the left hand side to access our help site. Click 'How Do I' and then 'Get my Website Found' to find a step-by-step guide to settting up your Google Analytics account and linking it into your website.

Don’t forget to use our Search Engine Optimisation Tool in conjunction with your Analytics package to help get the best out of your website.