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Responsive Revolution: Don’t get left behind.

By Webtrade Ireland, Tuesday, 9th July 2013 | 0 comments
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Responsive Web Design; Leading the way

Over the past number of month’s we’ve been talking to a lot of people about responsive web design. If you don’t know what it is, it’s one website that is been optimised for every device (you can read more here). From all that taking we’re finding that there is a huge appetite for responsive web design at the minute, and rightly so.

The Reasons

Well last week I contact all of our clients to tell them about a couple of examples of our newest responsively designed websites along with some reasons and stats. The reasons why people are going for responsive webs design are mostly the same for everyone; the top 3 are.

  • Around 25% of website traffic is coming from mobile devices and this figure is growing year on year. There are already 1.6m smartphones and 1.2m tablets in Ireland and these figures will continue to rise.
  • More leads are generated due to the improved user-experience on iPhones/androids. This helps increased business leads. Hopefully leading to you make more money!
  • Google recommends it and ranks responsive websites better. This will help your website traffic grow.

The revolution is happening!

  1. The majority of new websites are opting to go responsive (which means your competition are probably either thinking about responsive web design or in the process of getting their website design responsively).
  2. Big and small companies can do it and afford it.
  3. It’s something new and exiting in the web design industry and people are embracing it.
  4. It makes such a difference.   
Just to show off two of our most recent designs you should have a look at SIMS IVF Clinic and Comit PR and Marketing websites. Take the time to look at them on your iPhone/Android and then on your PC. They look so different on every device, yet each they are the same website.
If you’re thinking about getting a website designed or would like to talk to me more about responsive web design just contact me on 01 2990655 or at sales@webtrade.ie