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Seeing is believing – Your Google Rank

By Brian Bennett, Tuesday, 10th December 2013 | 0 comments
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the expression “We want to get found on the 1st page in Google” over the years. Every company wants a good ranking when it comes to their website, that and a beautiful web design that engages people and allows them to contact you easily. 
So how likely or possible is it to get onto page 1 on Google?  Well as the article title states “seeing is believing”. 

Time to see and believe.

Appear in Google

By using the expression “seeing is believing” I’m trying to get across the idea that with some minor work you will see the how to affect your ranking by making changes to your content or even website design.  It’s important that know that you have some control on your Google rankings in particular how to influence certain pages rankings and help them found for specific phrases (keywords). 

Tweaking your content

By tweaking your content on a regular basis, or at least overviewing it, you are able to alter keywords and make changes to counteract search trends that might be occurring in your sector. It’s so important to always give the person searching the information they are looking for and using the correct keywords. 

Adding Fresh Content

Adding Content
This is a fast track way to get your page found on Google. Write something that
 you know people are searching for (use different keyword tools to find this info), create an interesting article about that topic (don’t over-do it on the keywords). When you’ve added the fresh content optimise it using your SEO tool and sit and wait. If you’ve done it correctly your content should appear within a couple of days, on page one; If it doesn’t go back to step 1 and keep tweaking. When you see your improve ranking you will then start to believe how simple it can be to rank well. 

SEO reviews

SEO Work
By carrying out an SEO review of your website you’re giving yourself an advantage of altering the terms you want to be found for, based upon your research. I mention optimising new content above, but you should always make sure that your existing content is optimised correctly. Don’t duplicate your pages SEO as this will impact you negatively. 

At the end of the day

At the end of the day ranking well in Google does take some time and energy and a little bit of know-how, but if it is done correctly it is time very well spent. 
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