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The Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Website

By webtrade, Monday, 31st July 2017 | 0 comments
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The Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Website

Any company or individual that owns a website these days should, by now, understand that maintaining their website is an ongoing process.  If their website never changes, or is not updated to reflect the times, it will show. 

Webtrade have compiled five of the top reasons for our clients to contact Webtrade to update their website today.


  1. They Are Losing Money.

Without pointing out the obvious here, this is the most important reason for companies and individuals to contact Webtrade to update their website.  When was the last time that all the links were checked and that they were working throughout their website? Or that there were no errors on their contact form? These and other areas are where Webtrade can help.


  1. They Are Losing Their Search Engine Rankings.

Search engine algorithms are by their nature constantly evolving and becoming more and more intelligent.  These days, search engines are weighing the amount of quality content on websites, more heavily. This means it is time for our clients to add new content to their website to maintain their SEO rankings.


  1. Keep Their Customers Returning.

By constantly updating their website, our clients will be providing new content to their current customers that keep them returning, for more.  The goal here is to make their website, a place whereby current customers want to return too, at least once a month, for updates.


  1. Change with the Times.

It might be time for our clients to review their product and service offering descriptions and verify that they actually reflect what it is they sell.  Often times these basic points can be overlooked and our clients can find themselves losing potential customers, before they even contact them.


  1. Their Graphics Are Dated.

Have a professional web design company like Webtrade take a look at the graphics on their website.  Are they dated?  These images and graphics may have been relevant years ago, but now they are outdated.  Refreshing our client’s images and graphics will refresh our client’s brand.



At Webtrade we excel at helping business owners with their website and the maintenance of their website, If you have any questions about how our websites are designed and how they can benefit you and your company and how Webtrade can make your website be the online tool you need it to be, please contact us, call us on 01 2990655 for a quote or email us at sales@webtrade.ie


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