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Tips for a Professional Services Firm Website

By Webtrade, Wednesday, 11th September 2013 | 0 comments
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Tips for Professional Services Firm's Websites

More and more professional service companies/firms are investing in a good website. Companies get a website for a variety of reasons including, having an online presence, highlighting their services, showcasing their expertise in certain areas, improving their credibility or as is the case with most businesses to generate new business. 

In this short blog we’re going to give you some free advice on how to do get the most out of your website (if you have one in the 1st place).

Our 10 bits of advice:

  • Professional WebsiteTry to deliver content that is fresh and engaging to your website visitors and potential clients including news, white papers and articles you come across;
  • When you’re getting a website designed make sure that it oozes professionalism, both in the design and the content. Your first impression is so important;  
  • Driving TrafficLook at your competitors and make sure you identify how you are different. You really want to stand out from the crowd; your website design should do this also;
  • Keep the visitor's website experience and journey clean and simple;
  • When you’re adding information, text or anything to your website make sure it communicates your services as well as your firms capabilities;      
  • BlogTalk about the firms past wins and what you can deliver for any potential/existing client, not just about who you are and where you are located;      
  • Provide information about what you do as a company;
  • Demonstrate expertise and successes by getting client testimonials and writing case studies;  
  • Create your own unique content by adding to your blog regularly;
  • Above all else provide easy to find contact information.

Your next step?

The 1st step most professional service firms need to take is look at getting a modern, professional and easy to use website, the next step is keeping it relevant, fresh and interesting.

We have tailored packages for every sector of business e.g. our dedicated solicitors package or dedicated accounts web design packageIf you’d like to speak to us about your existing or new website please contact us on 01 2990655 or sales@webtrade.ie.