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Web Design Therapy

By Brian Bennett, Monday, 3rd December 2012 | 0 comments
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Web Design Therapy

What do we mean by Web Design Therapy?? Well what we'd like everyone to do is to take a step back and look at your website. I mean really look at your website. Analyze it and look at it from your customers perspective?

Let's have a look with 5 questions first.

  1. When someone lands on your page do they know what your website is about? Are you a store? Do you provide an accounting service? Are you a restaurant?
  2. How does your site look? Honestly? Are you looking at it going, "I wish I had a new design" - If you're doing no doubt so are other people.
  3. Can you navigate around your website simply? If you can't how can the customer.
  4. Are your contact details available for everyone to see? If someone needs to contact you they should not have to jump through hoops to get in touch.
  5.  Content. This is something that a website must have and it needs to be good. How is the content on your site? Is it relevant to your business? Is it a bit spammy? Do you have any actual content on your site to begin with?

If you have issues stemming from one, a few or all of the points above then you need to sit down and think about what you want and need your website to do. You should always start with the customer and work your way backwards.

Our experience

 At Webtrade we've been designing websites for well over 14 years at this stage. In all that time we have generated a vast amount of experience, customers and more importantly knowledge. We're all about putting you in full control of your website with our easy to use content management system. Why does this matter? We'll let's see how we reflect on the 5 therapy questions?

  1.  We strive to make sure that when designing a site that people know the main message of your website is within 5 - 10 seconds. That is the tiny amount of time that people will give you to sell your story. Clear messages, clear call to actions and most importantly making sure that your website goals are achieved.
  2. Design. With every site we listen to our client and deliver a stylish modern design that fits their company or brand. Design needs to be user friendly as well as impressive. Your design is our calling card! We want to make sure that people call us; this means you know your site is going to look right.
  3. Navigation. This is key to the whole User Experience (Google are really honing in on this area of websites at the minute). Making sure that your website is easy to navigate, easy to find information on and easy to get back to the homepage. It also leads nicely into my next point.
  4. Your contact details are important, even if you don't think they are the most important, to any customer. Most people want to know that if something goes wrong they can speak to a real person or send an email. Making sure that people can navigate simply to a Contact Us page is essential in any good website design. We like to make this bit very simple!
  5. Content is King. This saying is never going to go out of fashion. Why? Because the Internet is called the information highway, it is where people go to find things, look things up, buy things, research products, find a service. We spend most of our lives online these days. Having good, quality, relevant content on your website is important. We can give you advice on how to do this, but you will know your business better than anyone.

If you think that your website could do with some therapy or even if you just want to have a chat about where your current site is falling down, please feel free to contact either Joe or Brian on 01-2990655 or email them at sales@webtrade.ie and we'll gladly talk to you about everything.