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Website content is King! - Why website content matters.

By Brian Bennett, Monday, 22nd October 2012 | 0 comments
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Website content is the most important thing on any website. It is the reason you are brought to any webpage, including this one. It's essential to make sure your website content is relevant.Building content In this article I am hoping to outline how important Website Content is and what you can do to improve yours.

How does it work?

Very simple, the information you have on your website is what makes your site important in the eyes of Google (or any other search engine for that matter). We'll be using Google as the example as 75% of people search using this platform. Google will trawl the internet using their GoogleBots (very smart online robots) to find websites that will give their customers the best results for their searches. To Google the most important people online are those who search, that's you and me! Therefore they want to display the most relevant list of sites to match your enquiry; it also wants to do this as quickly as possible.

When Google is going through a website the 1st thing it is looking for is to make sure each webpage is optimized (we run through this in our demos). The next thing they look at is to make sure that the information within the page is relevant to what their customer is searching for. That is why Website Content is King. 

How can people write great content?

How do people write relevant content and how does their content improve their website traffic? The first way is to research what people are looking for, How? Use Google's AdWords Keyword Tool! This allows you to search your local area and research words that you think are relevant to your website or business. For example - I was recently researching the term "benefits of blogging", but I found that people were not looking for that phrase, after a couple of tries I was able to narrow it down to "How to Blog" as a suitable topic. In this tool you are able to see how many people are searching for your phrase locally as well as globally over the last month; you can also see how competitive that phrase is to use and you can see what it would cost you should you want to start and AdWords campaign.

The next thing you need to remember is updating the content on your site regularly. Why? Fresh content shows the search engine that this site is always up to date and continues to add in relevant content. A great way to do this without altering your site too much is a newsfeed or a blog. Both of these features are designed to get new content up on your site in an instant; they can be fully optimized also, especially in using our Siternity CMS.

Once the content is set and up to standard you should start looking at getting your website mention in as many places as possible or create as many backlinks as possible. This is a whole different conversation, but needless to say it is important. 

Quality content


You need to make sure that your site looks the part. It is all well and good have amazing content only for people to bounce straight off your site because it looks terrible! If you have nice engaging homepage, designed to inform people what your company or business is about you're winning half the battle.

If your business benefits from videos, pictures, brochures you should showcase them for all the world to see on your website. All of these features can easily be added using our Content Management system, they are designed to help your website look and feel good, but always remember your website text content is king.  

Our websites put you in control of your website content and you can update it, delete or add to it as often as you like. Get in touch for more info.