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Website User Behaviour Analysis – video analysis

By webtrade, Wednesday, 4th January 2017 | 0 comments
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Website User Behaviour Analysis – video analysis. (Hotjar.com)

Webtrade create websites and digital strategies for our client’s to help them generate new sales, enquiries and ultimately profit. Hotjar is essential in perfecting this process. It is a complete mobile and website analytics tool enabling analysts, web developers, digital marketers, UI developers & more, to optimise the conversion and usability rate of their client’s websites.

We try to use Hotjar user behaviour analysis on every website we create. We previously used Clicktale, but Hotjar is the one we recommend today. We wanted to see where our client’s visitors went, what they clicked on, where they gravitated towards and what wasn't working.

We use Hotjar, to make adjustments to our client’s websites to accommodate some of their visitors' actions and habits and to strategically understand our client’s users patterns on their website (through heat maps and scroll maps), individual user experiences (through the video playback tool), and insight into unknown errors, anywhere on the site.

Prior to any upgrade we recommend an analysis of the old site to learn and get a solid understanding of the current behaviour of users with the existing site. It can help pick up something that had never been considered, highlight deficiencies, confusion etc. It can even highlight things that are working very well which is just as important to know to make sure that's not lost with any new site.

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Google Analytics was showing us where we were having difficulties with a conversion funnel, and we needed more information that could be shared to improve our client’s UI. This is where Hotjar proved invaluable.

In summary, Hotjar is a powerful tool that combines a variety of features such as; Visitor recordings, Heatmaps, Conversation Funnels & Form analytics, plus Feedback polls.

1. Visitor Recordings

Hotjar records user’s behaviour on our client’s website as if the entire screen of the user was recorded and transferred to you. By looking at this data, we get a better idea about how our client’s users are behaving on their website and how we can improve the usability of their client’s website, if you find that the user is not finding what he/she is looking for. We can test how users are accessing certain key pages, what was their journey like to those pages, what it a good or bas expereince. We can even test a hypothesis with real live data to make sure we're making the right UX and content decisions. 

2. Heatmaps: i.e. know where our client’s visitors, click

Heatmaps is an analytics feature used to keep track of our client’s webpage where users, most scroll past or click. You can also get to know how far visitors scroll on these pages.

3. Conversation Funnels

It is essential to monitor which of our client’s pages receive the most traffic and also the ones after which visitors leave, our client’s site. The reason for this is in order for us to reduce the bounce rates on our client’s website.

4. Form Analytics

Form fill analysis allows us to see, the field-by-field fill in and drop-off rate, which allows us to quickly realise where visitors are getting stuck or precisely what adding additional fields to our client’s form, is costing them, in terms of conversion.

5. Create Polls

A poll can be setup to capture quality feedback from people right while they're doing the job in hand. Polls can pop up after a set number of seconds so as not to intefere with what they're trying to do. The best option we found, was to focus on the pages that are receiving the most traffic on our client’s site. 


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