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What is search engine optimisation – SEO?

By webtrade, Wednesday, 31st May 2017 | 0 comments
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Search Engine Optimisation, usually shortened to the initials SEO, is the techniques and strategies that web design companies like Webtrade, use to get our client’s website ranking high on search engines.

Major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, want to make sure that the best websites are ranked well. They want people who use Google, Bing or Yahoo to easily find what they are looking for and to find credible, reliable websites.

That’s why search engines give priority to websites that are well written, professional, and which are considered relevant and important. Also, the more times people view/look at our client’s website, the higher their website ranking will be, which in turn results in more people viewing/looking at their website.

There are many factors that the team at Webtrade take into account when creating our client’s websites, so it will have greater Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO). In summary, this includes writing content that includes the keywords that people are likely to use to search the internet to find companies such as our client’s websites and ensuring that the navigation, links and coding is structured in such a way that the search engines ‘robots’ understand and interpret.

Once our client’s website goes live, the search engine optimisation team at Webtrade constantly monitors their website to ensure, it is performing well and importantly, that it is moving up the rankings on Google and other search engines.

Technology is constantly changing and companies such as Google are always updating and improving their service. The search engine optimisation team at Webtrade monitors these developments closely and adjusts our client’s website accordingly so that it always ranks well and has great search engine optimisation.

At Webtrade we excel at helping business owners with their first websites, If you have any questions about how our websites are designed and how they can benefit you and your company and how Webtrade can make your website be the online tool you need it to be, please contact us, call us on 01 2990655 for a quote or email us at sales@webtrade.ie



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