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Why your business needs a website?

By webtrade, Friday, 2nd September 2016 | 0 comments
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Why your business needs a website?


According to this article, in June 2016, by The IE Domain Registry, 1 in 6 Irish SMEs still have no website, social media account or any online presence. With about 90% of consumers searching for products and services online, not having an online presence can affect your business adversely.

Please read, the following five reasons below, on why you need a website for your business.

1.Having a site provides credibility

Your business may be built entirely on word-of-mouth, but many consumers still take to the web to verify and research a business before making the decision to become a customer. Consumers are very used to being able to find a business online to research before making an investment into their product or service. A website has the ability to tell your company's story; who you are, what you are providing and everything in between. When your business does not have a website, you may seem less credible or legitimate than your competition that has a professional site.

2.Creates an additional channel for marketing

A website also creates an additional marketing channel for your business. As mentioned above, 90% of consumers search for products or services online, having a website can capture much more of these consumers than traditional marketing. Your website can also be used as a marketing tool, by driving customers to your site through additional marketing strategies and techniques.

3.Expands your reach

In addition to being its own marketing tool, your website will help your expand your marketing reach. It is often not feasible and expensive, with traditional marketing to reach a large audience of people over a large area, but having a website allows you to reach customers far outside what traditional marketing would typically allow.

4.Allows for better customer service

Having a website can improve your customer service. A website allows your customers to find out information about your products and services at anytime and from anywhere. While your store is closed, or you are asleep, customers are still able to access your website and the information they need.

5.Saves You Time

Most importantly having a website can save you time.

Often, business owners will have to field phone calls or emails from customers to answer questions about their products or services. With a well defined website, customers will be able to find this information on their own, or can be redirected to the site, which will free up invaluable time for you to invest in your business. 

At Webtrade we excel at helping business owners with their first websites, If you have any questions about how our websites are designed and how they can benefit you and your company and how Webtrade can make your website be the online tool you need it to be, please contact us, call us on 01 2990655 for a quote or email us at sales@webtrade.ie


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