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Case Study: Webtrade.ie

Webtrade Responsive

About Us

As one of Ireland’s leading web design companies we strive to deliver more than just a website to all of our clients, we like to deliver them a marketing tool too. Over the past 15 years we have designed sites for such a wide variety of people including Government organisations, large membership bodies, well known brands, multinational companies, nationwide health providers, solicitors and accounting firms to name a few.

Over the past 2 – 3 years we have made some minor changes to our site, but we felt now was the time for a complete overhaul. 

The Reasons


• An Internal digital strategy process was carried out using the core principals of the Business Battlecard to identify factors which would accelerate or inhibit business growth. The outputs of this process were highlighted the need to change our website design and content messaging.

• Our website was not designed responsively – we wanted it to be optimised for every device.

25% of our traffic is coming from mobile devices, and rising by 50% year on year.

• Design tastes have changed since we originally designed our website.

• Improve the focus on the user-experience.

Messaging has to be clearer on all pages.

• Increase our goal conversions from mobile and desktop.

• Improved call to actions on homepage to cover what the majority of people are looking for (e.g. web design, full control of their website and our experience).

• To increase our filtering process when it comes to leads contacting us.

We're a web design company - our own site has got to look great!


The Results


New Logo. As part of the process we made the decision to change our company logo. The change to a black logo gave us much more flexibility to use vibrant colours and images through the site without being limited to our older stale navy and green brand colours.

• Totally redesigned the whole website to make it responsive – it’s now optimised for all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC’s.

Bespoke design for our homepage and inner pages.

• High levels of concent design on each core service page, each with its own very unique unique theme. 

Messaging has been improved for each service page of the business, with each reflecting the outputs of our digital strategy process. 

Increased goal conversion by 20% in the 1st month on mobile.

Increased goal conversion by 22% in the 1st month on desktop.

Improved user-experience throughout – people are following the journey that we want them to take.

• Users are completing goals in fewer steps as they can find what they are looking more easily.

• Better quality of lead on new site vs. old site.




We know our new website is much easier to navigate, is optimised for all devices and the website appearance is vastly improved with some cool new design features and a whole new look. The reason why we, and many other businesses, have gone for a responsive design is due to increased traffic from mobile which has lead to more leads and in turn resulted in a higher conversions rate.