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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design - Web design for all devices
So What is Responsive Web Design?
A responsive website design is one website with one set of content, optimised for every device, e.g. iPhone /Android, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV or even your games console. With 25% of web traffic coming from mobiles it's the future of web design.  
Responsive web design
Responsive web design future-proofs
Caters for the increase in traffic via mobile devices
Improved user experience with responsive design
Improved user experience increases enquiries and sales
Improve Google SEO through responsive website design
Google SEO rank bonus for responsive design
Responsive web design saves money & time
Save time and money managing website content

The Benefits

With a responsive design your website will look it's best no matter what the device. But there are more benefits from having a responsive design.

  • On average 25% of your web traffic is coming from mobile! It's only going to increase. Everyone needs to cater for their mobile traffic as it's set to hit 40% by the end of 2013/Start of 2014.
  • Higher chance of generating leads. The better the user-experience on smartphones/ tablets, the more people will engage with your website.
  • Google recommends it. They say they can discover your content more efficiently and easily, as well as that they like that desktop and mobile content are coming from one website and have the same URL on every device. 

See our Responsive Designs 

Check out some of our responsively designed websites on your smartphone or tablet like, Sims IVF Clinic, Comit PR and Marketing and even our own case study on Webtrade.


Nice things our Customers Say 

"The team in Webtrade really do get digital. We’ve relied on them for the past decade to help us drive our digital marketing and keep ahead of our competition online. They’ve delivered yet again." - Steve McGettigan, CEO, Sims IVF Clinic.


Should you be thinking of any type of web design please feel free to contact us on 01 2990655 or sales@webtrade.ie