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Accessibility Web Design

At Webtrade we see no reason why poor eyesight should hinder anyone from making the most of the web. Our websites are designed to be accessible, legible and to meet W3C standards, including WAI Accessibility standards for the disabled.

With our Siterenity Content Management system, content need only be added to a website once to facilitate a number of different on-screen formats – for example, a high-contrast, image-free version of your site with highly visible text on a black background. What’s more on-screen text size can be increased at the touch of a button. And a print-friendly link creates a web page that prints out neatly to A4 on your printer.

Whether you choose a Siternity CMS packages you’ll find all our web designs and design templates are built to be friendly to users who are slightly visually impaired, as well as individuals using adaptive keyboards, screen readers or other assistive tools.

Examples of Accessible Websites

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