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Usability / UX

Website Usability is a term used to describe how easy it is to for users of your website to find information and complete the necessary "calls to action". Designing for usability is not an exact science. Often times the smallest, even seemingly inocuous changes, can make a significant difference on the return your website investment gives you.

There are huge returns in improving your website usability. Most websites only achieve a 1 -2% conversion rate on website visitors. By simply having  a clearer navigation structure, nicer images, an easy to find contact form, etc., a website can convert a lot of its lost traffic.

At Webtrade, not only can we offer you our 14 years of website design experience, we can also help you randomly test different design layouts, to see which one scores best. If you have an existing website, we would strongly recommend us letting us record actual visitors to your website, over a test period. This information is a vital resource in seeing what your users like and dislike about your current website.