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5 More Social Media Tips

By Webtrade, Monday, 15th July 2013 | 0 comments
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Social media tips numbers 6 to 10

In a blog we did last month we gave you 5 social media tips, it was the 1st in in our series of 5 blogs on the topic.

Without any delay here are the next 5 tips;

6. Define you channels

Think about how you want to use Social Media and what channels you want to use. Where is your audience? Are they on LinkedIn or are they on Facebook? This is an important step as far as your social media plan is going to go; there is no point in talking to potential clients if they are not there!

7. Blog

My favourite of all the social media channels is blogging. Why? Because you can generate new content for your website whenever you like and hopefully increase your traffic. A blog can be targeted and will hopefully generate new leads for your business. Increased traffic should lead to increased leads, especially if the content is right. 

8. Share

Social media is all about sharing content and engaging with others. Share useful information with people and they will value your opinion. It’s also a great platform to push your own content through e.g. Blogs, white papers, news articles, web pages, landing pages etc.  It’s also important to share your content with key influencers in your sector; if they re-share the content it is instantly validated. 

9. Post Often

Twitter have a great line on their Twitter for business website stating “make it habit”. By making posting a habit you end up doing it regularly. By posting regularly you are also able to interact with people more often; you are on that platform or that moment in time, use it while you’re there.  

10. Read

When you are online and want to see what is going on read. Read everything and anything that is relevant to your industry. This will allow you to improve your expertise in your area or alternatively allow you to become an expert in another. It also gives you some ideas for what to blog on, tweet about or post on Facebook. Reading is just about absorbing the vast amounts of info out there when you can. Sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are great for constant, relevant content, but keep an eye out for other content on relevant websites also. 
All the info you are looking for is probably out there already, you just have to find it. Sometimes when the info isn’t out there you need to create it. A simple matter of fact is social media is there to help you either way; use it.
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