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Landing Pages for your AdWords Campaign

By Brian Bennett, Friday, 14th December 2012 | 0 comments
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Landing Pages for AdWords

The question

Do you have an AdWords campaign running? How is it performing? My guess it's doing OK, but it could be better. Well we have a short piece of advice for each and every person - Have a unique landing page for specific campaigns. Why?

The answer

The whole point of using AdWords is to drive traffic to your website, you select the words or areas you want to target and then create a campaign around them. This is fine in theory, but how does the campaign relate to your homepage or the relevant page you want to get found for?

You should create a specific landing page for each of your campaigns! Simple as that. It might mean contacting you Web Design company and asking them to create you a template that you can use and alter for each campaign (one template would usually do). Write the content on that page (it's always about the content) a) targeting the relevant people you want to click on your website 2. the words that will reflect your AdWords campaign

The conclusion

You're not going to have a website or web page talking about golf balls if you are selling tennis rackets! You're not going to set up and AdWords campaign to get found for pencils and then when people arrive on your site your selling footballs. The idea is that everything you are doing should carry the same message across the whole campaign - AdWords, Website, Offline etc. Write your content and AdWords with the same goal in mind, getting people to click on your site for a specific reason.

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