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What is SEO?

By Brian Bennett, Friday, 8th March 2013 | 0 comments

Have you heard of the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization and wondered; what the hell is SEO?

In this blog I’m going to try and explain it to you as simply as I can.

What is SEO?

So what is SEO? In my opinion it is a big arrow that points SEOGoogle to the content in your website. Imagine the 1950’s on Route 66 and you see the big neon sign saying “Motel” with a big arrow; SEO is a kind of doing the same thing, it’s that big neon arrow saying this is what this page is about.

Search Engine Optimization is about increasing traffic to your site based on its content; how relevant to the search it is; does it match what you are telling Google the page is about. Another analogy is would be to think of SEO as a name tag for the person; you know his name is Brian Bennett, but what is he all about? Let’s investigate it further by talking to him. I am your content; my name tag is your SEO.


Search Engine Optimization can be helped by using the relevant, highly searched for keywords. Where abouts?  1. In your pages content and 2. In the optimization of each page. There is no point having your page optimized for the phrase content management system if the content on your page is about the topic responsive web design. You wouldn’t see a sign saying “Motel” and when you turn off the freeway and in front of you is a soccer pitch; you’d expect to see a Motel.

Research what people are looking for, after all it is what people are searching for that determines if they are interested in your site or not. Don’t over use the words, any more than 12 and you’ve entered spam territory. Follow trends online as they can tell you what people are looking for and will help you with your SEO.

Parts to Optimize

It’s not just about the text you write is about all the other boxes you are meant to tick. Make sure you don’t overlook the following;

  • Search Engine Title – What is the page about? E.g. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, What is SEO?
  • Page Heading – What is the page called?
  • Navigation Title – How will people find it in your website?
  • The URL – Give the page its own special URL e.g. yoursite.ie/blog/what-is-seo
  • Search Engine Description – Write it yourself and don’t just copy in the 2 lines appearing at the top of the article. This is your elevator pitch that appears under you page when displayed in Google.


Doing your SEO correctly takes time, but if you spend your time wisely you should reap the rewards of increased traffic, more leads and hopefully an increase in revenue. Writing it is the easy part, writing it correctly is the hard part.

If you’d like a free website assessment on your website please feel free to contact me on 01 2990655 or email me at sales@webtrade.ie

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